5 Ways To Create A Culture Of Safety & Compliance

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5 Ways To Create A Culture Of Safety & Compliance

In speaking with our customers, we see a wide range of policies and procedures related to risky employee safety monitoring protocols and policies, from strict to loose, depending on the job, culture, role, and more. Some employees may feel that these practices are "Big Brother"-esque, therefore causing them to shy away from compliance. Others perceive such tasks as a nuisance rather than coming from a place of caring. Whatever the motive for protecting your workers, here's some advice on how to create a culture of safety and compliance:

Mandate your safety policy

Giving employees the choice to participate in a safety monitoring program that may add time to their day often means a lack of participation, putting you, your team and your productivity at risk. Mandating participation reduces your company's liability and reduces time managing varying levels of compliance.

Make safety unanimous across all divisions

Having a unified safety monitoring protocol across all divisions and regions creates efficiencies and eases compliance.

Reward safety compliance

Create KPIs around compliance and make them visible across the organization. Recognize your top safety performers publicly. Gamify participation and incent your team to comply.

Create a safety champion

Where the focus goes, energy flows. Having a safety program owner, and deeming this role critical and important, will keep your safety project tasks such as new employee onboarding, compliance data review and reporting, training, and maintenance consistent and top of mind. Assign targets or KPIs to the safety champion.

Let a third party be your middleman

Removing yourself or your staff from managing day-to-day work alone or journey management approvals and trip assessments allows you to be more efficient and reduces internal friction. A third party, like Telelink, only cares that your employees complete their work tasks safely. You can also receive regular reporting on your team's progress, allowing you to easily judge your program's success and find areas for enhancement. Lastly, these options ONLY measure location and safety while the tools are engaged. Otherwise, no activity tracking is taking place. Therefore, any concerns about a Big Brother aspect can be alleviated.

At Telelink, we're committed to your success. Set up an account overview with us to walk through your usage data so we can pinpoint areas of improvement or training opportunities! We can also ensure you have the best solution that matches your user habits, technology available and job types. Check out our safety services today!


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