Lone Worker Devices

Lone worker devices

Unbiased advice on lone worker devices for your organization's unique needs. Unmatched monitoring service for 24/7 coverage on every work alone device.

Panic button

Easy and discrete panic buttons. Send an alert with the tap of a button.

Man down alerts

Sophisticated technology picks up subtle movements of sitting or driving to avoid false positives. Only alert true man down events.

Cellular & satellite coverage

Two-way communication in any location or environment through cellular and satellite options.

24/7 Safety Monitoring
Wireless gas Detection
Mass Notifications
Remote area coverage

Safety in numbers


workers monitored


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Lone Worker Technology You Can Trust

Telelink Emergency & Safety has vetted the lone worker devices below so you can cut through the noise and get straight to the devices that work for your at-risk employees. These devices, when paired with our 24/7 monitoring team, better facilitate the communication process during emergencies and ensure immediate action to any escalation procedure.

Unbiased Work Alone Advice

At Telelink, we do not manufacture our own work alone devices. We intentionally bypass this step to allow ourselves to be true, unbiased advisors. We select best in class solutions and distribute only those whom we have vetted and know to work in real life scenarios.


All of your work alone needs can be found here. Apps, wearables, and cellular/satellite devices, along with the monitoring platforms and team behind the technology – all conveniently provided by one vendor.

24/7 Response experts

Nobody comes more prepared than our emergency response team. Our response team is dedicated to safety monitoring and incident response only. Every agent is Incident Command System-trained, has direct access to all North American first responders, and undergo weekly practice drills and exercises.

Journey Management customer

Stay safe, stay informed, stay compliant.

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