A Lone Worker System For Every Work Alone Scenario

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A Lone Worker System For Every Work Alone Scenario. Here's the process.


Advice you can trust from unbiased advisors. Every worker faces unique risks. We help you consider worker needs based on the scenarios they face while working.


After carefully considering the risks they face, we source best in class work alone devices to give your team two-way communication they can count on. 


This is where the rubber meets the road. We work with your team to provide onboarding materials for incredible employee adoption. Videos, training, and adoption content for a successful program. 

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Telelink provides lone worker solutions to keep your workers safe and keep your leadership informed in real time.  We help you manage worker safety in real-time, reduce risk, increase employee adoption and maintain compliance.

Our end-to-end lone-worker solutions include expert, unbiased consulting,  best-in-class monitoring and check-in technologies, and an award-winning 24/7 response centre based in North America.

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