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  • Marci H, Corporate Services Manager – Utility Industry

    "Out of all the vendors we work with, I can count on one hand, the number of complaints I've heard about Telelink. I will also note, that before our employee had the chance to complain, Telelink had already reached out to report the issue, and present a solution." 

  • Greg D, Director Corporate Safety and Regulatory Affairs - Utility Industry

    "Our company very much appreciates your honesty, integrity and customer-centred approach to ensuring the best fit for our use and the cost savings that represents for us. We look forward to doing future business with you." 

  • Rebecca G, OPA-90 Manager – Marine services

    "We wanted an experienced provider that could effectively manage front-end communications and deliver global deployment for our OPA-90 Salvage and Marine Firefighting services." 

  • Denise S, Occupational Health & Safety Coordinator – Municipality

    "The town was frustrated with being unable to properly monitor all employees working alone as they were at various locations and some shifts occur overnight. It put more demand of the supervisors who worked after-hours shifts as they had to not only take care of regular department duties but also monitor the safety of employees from other departments. In addition, some vehicles did not have a tracking system and if the employee didn’t check it, it would take too long to figure our where the employee was located.  
    Now, thanks to Telelink’s system and 24/7 monitoring service, employees no longer worry about whether or not they are reaching out to the right supervisor or on-call employee to check-in. Supervisors on duty no longer worry about keeping track of employees from multiple departments on top of their normal duties. "

  • Jim P, Safety & Environment Coordinator - Utility Industry

    "We need to ensure the safety and health of employees who work alone while fulfilling our legislative commitments. The safety of our employees is our #1 priority and a strong work alone program is a necessity. " 

  • Renae W, Department of Transportation Compliance – Oil & Gas Industry

    "We wanted a provider that merged with our GPS on all of our units, offered reporting, weather alerts, and most importantly, a risk assessment before each trip. The transition was the easiest business transaction I have ever encountered. The process of setup was very precise, and I feel like all of my priorities were addressed and catered to. I truly believe that a risk assessment before each trip lowers our chances of an accident and allows our drivers to arrive safely.  
    Telelink has addressed all the challenges we were faced with and now I feel that my drivers are in good, capable hands. Telelink goes above and beyond my expectations."

  • Ximena S, QHSES Manager Western Hemisphere Operations - Oil & Gas Industry

    "Telelink’s entire solution – trip risk assessments, escalation procedures, vehicle monitoring system integration, and reporting – were all customized to address our unique operations. Not only has out Journey Management™ program been approved by clients ISN and more, but it has also reduced our motor vehicle incident rate by roughly 60%."

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