Lone Worker Use Case: Helping a leading EPC firm implement a responsive lone worker solution

Moving from uncertainty to confidence 

The EPC firm was seeking to improve their existing lone worker system comprised of documents and manual check-ins. Both management and employees wanted peace of mind knowing a robust system of GPS-connected technology and monitoring protocols were in place to protect employees in the field.
The new system would need to have a central lone worker software to tie together procedures, real-time location, and both cellular and satellite communication. The EPC firm knew a more modern, digital approach backed by a true emergency response centre eas essential to improve employee adoption of the processes and deliver its commitment to employee safety.

About The EPC Firm

The EPC firm, a global professional services company, designs with community in mind - whether that's in engineering, architecture, energy, water, or project management. The EPC firm is a company grounded in safety, quality and ethics.

About Telelink

Telelink is the global leader of end-to-end lone worker monitoring solutions. Proactive check-ins, real-time monitoring, emergency response protocols - all backed by 50 years of operating experience and ISO 9001:2015 registration. 

A Responsive & Precise Solution

The main differentiator was the high quality of the Telelink teams customer service. Other suppliers had similar capabilities but did not have the customer support that Telelink did.

HSE Advisor, EPC firm

The EPC firm is now using improved technology and trust that the 24/7 monitoring team behind the technology has their back. Telelink recommended and implemented the Aware360 app which has made check-ins much easier for field staff, and overall adoption and consistency of check-in activities has improved since the change to Telelink. The app works seamlessly between mobile phones and InReach satellite devices, and the monitoring dashboard has also made internal response more effective. 

The EPC firm feels like they have a true partner in its safety efforts, saying "Telelink was very responsive to issues that came up and worked with us to troubleshoot problems. In most cases, the issues were resolved within a few hours, and where resolutions took longer there was regular communication on the status of the efforts."

Aware360 Monitoring dashboard

Improved Safety Adoption and Consistency

Since the system has gone live, over 70 users have been brought online. We're very satisfied with the results and are pleased that other groups within our organization are now adopting the program as well.

The EPC firm is now more confident in their lone worker system than they have ever been. Consistent monitoring and response efforts from the Telelink team have increased user confidence and adoption of the system. Turnaround time on entering new users into the system has been swift. In most cases, new workers were ready to deploy into the field within a couple of hours. 

Telelink's responsiveness combined with the Aware360 technology has delivered a consistent lone worker process that can be scaled across the EPC firm's operations. Other groups within the EPC firm have since signed on with multiple others currently in evaluation. When asked what is the single biggest reason they would recommend Telelink to other companies, the EPC team succinctly said "customer service".

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