Creating a Workplace Culture of Safety & Compliance

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Creating a Workplace Culture of Safety & Compliance

In this blog we look at the evolution of lone worker safety in our day-to-day lives. Does public opinion impact safety procedures in companies? Naturally, company compliance has also evolved to keep pace with the new legislation also with the court of public opinion, which we will explore in next week's blog.

The Culture of Worker Safety in 2020

Nowadays, both the general public and employees put a higher premium on workplace safety in our culture. When we examine how the expectation of safety has evolved, there are three things driving the cultural shift:

Employee Demand

Lone Worker safety legislation has evolved, therefore, workers in 2020 are far more aware of, and vocal about, their rights. And with a lot more employees entering Lone Worker situations these days, workers want to be protected on the job. Lone Workers realize they assume higher risks at work, and they have become more insistent about good safety procedures.

As the baby boomers age and retire, there's competitive pressure on employers to attract and maintain new employees. A sure way for companies to do that is to establish a good safety record and demonstrate that they protect their employees. Workers will seek out companies that have the right safety measures in place, and they are much more likely to stay with a company that has a good safety program.

Social Advocacy For Lone Workers

There are a lot of professional organizations in operation, like the National Safety Council, that serve to make the workplace measurably safer. There are also organizations not focused primarily around safety, such as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, that are zeroing in on safety issues and advocating for lone workers too.

Employer Negligence

We live in litigious times. While a lot of recent legal cases involving employer negligence have resulted in increased payouts from corporations, they have also pushed forward legislation and protection for workers in general and for Lone Workers in particular.

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