Driver Safety With Electronic Logs

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Driver Safety With Electronic Logs

Changes are coming for the transportation industry! Drivers will now be mandated to use an Electronic Log Device (ELD), which allows for automatic, accurate tracking of hours of service. By the end of 2019, drivers and motor carriers in the United States must use ELDs to remain compliant (see details on the site here. Even if you're a Canadian company, this will affect you if your drivers cross the border, and we can expect a similar rule to be introduced in Canada in the not so distant future.

Benefits of Implementing Electronic log devices

Many companies may be using paper logs, logging software, or automatic on board recording devices (AOBRDs). This type of tracking is cumbersome and ineffective as drivers may underestimate their driving time, ignore their fatigue, or stretch their limits, causing risk to both the employee and employer. As well, ELDs will reduce paperwork and enhance productivity.

While this regulation may seem to be an inconvenience for some organizations, there is an opportunity to leverage ELDs to not only ensure the safety of your drivers, but also provide insights on driver behavior that will improve your business.

Here at Telelink, we are already exploring how we can use ELD device data to enhance Journey Management. The data from these devices can play a crucial role in assessing whether or not a driver is fit for duty, or a journey should proceed. This enables journey approvers and dispatchers to make better decisions with real-time data and more context. To learn more about how Journey Management is evolving and how you can take advantage of emerging technologies like ELDs, watch our free, instant-access webinar, Why Your Driver Safety Program Needs Journey Management.

Easing the Transition to Electronic log devices

Being prepared will help you seamlessly transition to ELDs. You have plenty of time to get ahead of these new regulations, choose a solution, and train your team to implement ELDs successfully. If you choose a solution that is already certified, you can minimize the time and effort ensuring compliance with the new regulation.

Many standalone solution providers are available for ELDs, but smart companies are choosing consolidated telematics solutions that include ELD options as part of a broader driver safety feature suite.


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