Answering Your Most Common Lone Worker Questions

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Answering Your Most Common Lone Worker Questions

Considering a work alone solution for your organization? As your one-stop unbiased source for a wide selection of devices, apps and platforms, we want to share with you the most frequently asked questions asked about one of our offerings: the SafetyAware lone worker software solution.

About SafetyAware

SafetyAware is one of Telelink’s vetted and trusted partners that help us deliver reliable lone worker safety solutions to your employees. If working alone is a new concept to you, check out our blog post Who is a lone worker before continuing with the Q&A below.

These are some of the most frequent questions our team is asked about the SafetyAware solution. 

Q: Are employees in remote areas covered? Do you have satellite options? 

A: The most common use case we see is using an app on a mobile phone; however, we recognize that there are many different use cases where a worker would require satellite connection. SafetyAware is integrated with over 70 devices including several different iridium satellite communicators such as InReach SE and Explorer models of the Garmin inReach family – these are all fully integrated into the SafetyAware software with check-in timers and SOS functionality.

Sometimes organizations arrange for workers to use both the mobile app and satellite devices. You can assign multiple devices to one user, allowing one user to have both options. In fact, a pool of satellite devices could be assigned to different users on a day-by-day basis. In this scenario, all workers would have the app for more common use cases of working alone but also have the ability to take a satellite device when the situation calls for it.  

Q: If an employee needs urgent care from first responders – how do you know which emergency responders to send? (How do you get the nearest responders on site?)

A: Through PSAP (Public Safety Access Point) the Telelink monitoring and emergency response team has back door access to first responders all across North America. Telelink uses specific geolocation data of the employee to dispatch the emergency responder closest to the distressed worker.

Q: Does the app work over WIFI if there is no cell reception?

A: The short answer is yes. This particular use case is relevant to people who work below ground, in buildings with no service, or any place where cellular connectivity is spotty or non-existent. An excellent feature to use in this case is the hazard timer - if you’re going into a confined space with no cellular, you can use the hazard timer to reduce your timer to a shorter check-in time so your monitoring team knows to check in sooner.

[See how the hazard timer works in this 2-minute hazard timer demo]

For some use cases, employers may want to consider a satellite device, although it’s important to note that a direct line of sight with the sky is required. The critical function here is connectivity. If for some reason you lose your WIFI connection, your means of communication can be severely compromised if you are already outside of cellular range.

Q: We have several business units within our organization. Can we lock down access to the monitoring platforms so that managers can see only the employees in their respective unit?

A: This is common for larger companies. The Control Centre software is designed so that at the top level we create a client, then users and devices and assets are populated under that client. 

Access to monitoring

Generally speaking, the company would have all users under one client, but in this case, we create multiple clients under one company and then assign those users under different clients. The login access permissions for users, managers, administrators, and monitoring agents can be assigned to the specific clients (business units, in this case) the company wishes to give access to.

Q: How are users added? Does the provider have to do it on their end, or can I do it myself?

A: You can do both! As a customer, you do get access to the control centre. We provide training to have an internal control centre administrator if you choose, and that person can add users. If that’s not ideal for you, Telelink can add and manage those users for you.  

Q: What if the app isn’t working? Is there a backup?

A: There is a backup, with your 24/7 monitoring centre. Each customer receives a dedicated 1-800 number during onboarding. If for any reason the app isn’t working, or a user has sign in issues, such as a forgotten password, the user has an alternative means of communicating with the monitoring centre and checking in.

If the app won’t work the Telelink monitoring agent would book a manual work alone session for the user. In a manual work alone session, the check-ins are complete by calling and the monitoring centre. The live agent on the line logs the interaction and sets the timer for the next call back. Agents are available 24/7/365 so this feature is available no matter what.

Q: Does your solution support man down? What happens if an employee is unconscious?

A: Yes, we have a standalone wearable device that is connected to mobile wirelessly and has an SOS button and man-down no-motion functionality. It’s done in a very sophisticated way to help avoid false positives. Imagine you’re sitting driving from one site to another, or even just sitting at your desk completing paperwork, the device will pick up those subtle movements of your body. The only way it will trigger the no motion man down event is if there is no motion for a period of time.

We’re in the final stages of releasing a new wearable that has the option to pair with the smartphone app, that includes both the SOS button as well as man down functionality. The new wearable comes in two options: first, a pendant style which could be worn on a lanyard or keychain. The second style would be akin to a swipe card.

Real Work Alone Questions: Real Answers

These are the most common questions we receive, however, there are endless use cases and scenarios for employees working alone. If you have additional questions about SafetyAware or work alone options, don’t hesitate to contact our sales team or visit our lone worker web page.

You can also dive into our free download “the lone worker eBook: The definitive guide to lone worker safety”. 


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