High Impact Journey Management Stories

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High Impact Journey Management Stories

Journey Management™ is the practice of using risk-mitigating tools and assessments to reduce driving-related incidents within an organization.

Journey Management is not a complex concept to understand, however, it does often require sobering reminders of its importance. 

Over the years, the Telelink Emergency and Safety team has seen its share of close calls, and near misses that could have ended badly had it not been for a Journey Management plan in place. We're sharing these stories in hopes that they remind us just how important it is to follow these processes and best practices. 

High Impact Journey Management Story #1 - A Close Call

Every day, our agents field calls from dozens of workers who are booking lone worker events: journeys to and from their job sites, oil rigs, shops, office buildings, and homes. 
After a while, the agents get familiar with the people calling in. One afternoon, an agent took a call from a familiar man named Jim. The agent went through her normal set of questions for Jim. Questions such as, "Have you had at least 8 hours of sleep in the past 24 hours?" or "Are you free from impairment?" 
These questions are designed to give an opportunity to the worker to speak up if his or her confidence in the working alone is shaken, without having to directly tell their Supervisor. 
As the call progressed, Jim was able to slur and sputter his way through all of the questions asked, but the agent was left feeling like something wasn't quite right. The agent's concern lead her to call Jim's manager immediately after the call to inform him that something wasn't quite right. 
Jim's manager sent him home to rest for the day. Later that evening Jim went to the hospital and it was discovered that he was had a brain tumor, which was responsible for his slurred speech and stuttering symptoms. 
The Telelink agent was the first one to notice, and likely saved his life that day. When red flags pop up, it's good to have an attentive, trained professional on the other end of the line. 

High Impact Journey Management Story #2 - Jorge Garcia's Long Haul

March 13th, 8:30 PM
Jorge, who usually books his journeys on the phone, booked today's journey using the app. Unfamiliar
with the app, Jorge failed to notice a bad weather advisory for his journey. The area he was travelling
towards had many closed roads due to whiteout conditions.

March 14th, 12:30 AM
About 4 hours had passed and Jorge missed his check-in. Dispatch reached out to Jorge to discover
that he had encountered whiteout conditions and slid off the road. An emergency report was
immediately filed by Telelink and Jorge's manager was informed of the situation.

March 14th, 3:45 AM
Time kept marching on with Jorge stuck in a snowbank. He had very little food and water and no
emergency kit. Jorge was periodically turning the truck on to keep warm. Telelink dispatch stayed on the
line with Jorge at first to comfort him and give him tips on the preservation of the resources he did have at
his disposal.

March 14th, 7:00 AM
Telelink’s agents kept tabs on Jorge throughout the night, checking in on him with a call every hour to
provide updates to his manager and the local authorities. Since the road was closed, tow trucks were
not allowed to make the trip. When the local sheriff tried to go help, he got stuck too!

March 14th, 4:58 PM
Over sixteen hours later, Jorge was being pulled out of the snowbank. Although Jorge was stuck, he was
never truly alone. Telelink had his exact location recorded and relayed to the proper personnel, and
called him every hour to ensure he was okay. The journey officially closed at 6:00 PM that day

High Impact Journey Management Story #3 - The Runaway Truck!

Nov 10th, 11:16 AM 
Frank is on the line with one of Telelink’s agents. He's calling from a coworker's cell phone because his was left in his stolen truck. Frank asked that Telelink send him all the information on the truck as well as its tracking info, so he could have it all on hand while he filled out a report with law enforcement. 
Nov 10th, 12:00 PM 
Telelink provided the tracking information to Frank, along with all the other relevant information about the vehicle. Now it's time to coordinate the situation between Frank, his managers and HSE, as well as law enforcement. 
Nov 10th, 1:07 PM 
Uh-oh! The stolen vehicle has changed direction! It's now south-bound heading towards Mexico, and it's getting close. The Telelink agent quickly informs border patrol and alerts the rest of the coordination team. Frank, his managers, and the police are all immediately in the loop. 
Nov 10th, 2:42 PM 
We've got it. The stolen vehicle is recovered. Telelink’s tracking lead law enforcement straight to the people who had stolen the vehicle. Things happen fast.  
Safe and Sound 
In under three hours, Telelink had managed to coordinate with the proper authorities, use the tracking information and recover the vehicle. In situations like this when time is of the essence, live tracking and a professional team are a great thing to have. Be sure to use yours! Check in and provide the proper tracking details each time you leave the office! 


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